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Additional Langkawi Team Building Activities

More exciting activities

Additional Langkawi Team Building Activities
Extra exciting activities which can be used to complement the challenges we facilitate. For longer duration programmes.

In addition to the team challenges we facilitate, we can also run a range of other  team building activities which Langkawi has to offer.

These include:-

Go Karting
Canopy Adventure
Islands boat tour
Panorama Cable Car
Corporate Social Responsibility project

Depending on the objectives of the programme we can select the best activity.  Activities could focus on teams competing against each other or working together, experiencing Langkawi’s environment or culture, making an active contribution to the local people or simply providing he opportunity for a new group experience.

If you have a preference for these or any other activities please highlight this on the enquiry form.  We have the resources to arrange whatever Langkawi has available.


The above information provides a summary of what we do. No two events are the same. Please click the BUTTON below, so that we can start to plan your ideal programme.

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