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High Performance Team Development

Team activities with learning

High Performance Team Development

For teams who require serious outcomes from their efforts, and real change back in the workplace.
Team Building activities combined with specific areas of learning.


High Performance Team Development



Full Day

Group Size

10-30 Pax  (Groups > 30 pax may be split)

Type of Group

·   Management / Supervisory Teams

·   Teams / departments from Companies /Organisations.

·   Groups that need to work more effectively together.

·   Groups with specific challenges to address in the workplace.


More harmonious and effective teamwork through:-

·   Understanding own behavioural style and that of others for better


·     Specific learning in targeted areas within the groups overall


·   Addressing specific workplace issues.

·   Team Bonding through working together.

·   Developing communication, leadership and planning elements of


The above is a comprehensive range of objectives.  The programme is
focused on results of prior Needs Analysis.

Programme Style

·   Challenging group activities to identify areas for development and

     reinforce learning sessions.

·   Activity review sessions with group feedback and performance

     improvement recommendations.

·   Learning sessions covering appropriate topics within the groups


·   Behavioural profiling (DiSC).  Individual’s questionnaire completion

     with feedback on results. Explanation of different behavioural

     styles and how to interact better with each one.

This programme is highly focused on the specific group objectives.  Analysis of the current

situation and desired situation is performed to ensure suitable content.

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