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Team Building

Team activities

Team Building

A range of challenging activities selected to meet specific objectives and suited to the
types of individuals in the group. Combination of physical and mental tasks which can be
made competitive or collaborative.


Team Building



·   Half day – 3 hours activities

·   Full day  – 6 hours activities

Group Size

15 -60 Pax

Type of Group

·   Teams/departments from companies/organisations.

·   Groups of individuals who are required to get to know each other


·   Conference groups requiring a well-earned break from the serious

     elements of their visit to Langkawi.


More harmonious and/or effective teamwork through:-

·   Team Bonding through working together

·   Experiencing planning, communicating and leading elements of



Alternatively, the programme can be run purely for fun for groups who simply require activities to allow them to
enjoy time together during their trip to Langkawi.

Programme style

·   Range of challenging activities providing mental stimulation and

     some physical requirement (suitable to the nature of the


·   Typically 30 minutes per task including briefing and review.

·   Activitiesnormally take place in outdoor areas such as hotel

     grounds, beaches, parks and other areas of nature.  Can include

     other islands with boat transfers.

Depending on the objectives of the programme the activities can be made competitive or collaborative. Where required, feedback can be given to teams during the programme in order that they can review and improve their performance. If this is a particularly important requirement please see the ‘High Performance Team Development’ summary.


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